20 Cat-tastic Struggles Only Cat Owners Can Relate To

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Struggle only cat owner can relate to
Taking care of a pet is akin to taking care of a child. As cute as they are, cats can sometimes be aggravating pets. This Buzzle post enlists certain struggles that only cat owners can relate to.
Common struggle
One of the common issues faced by all cat owners is administering medication to the cat. Come what may, these smart creatures find a way to dodge the medicine intake.

Adorable and cute, yet fierce when needed, these lovely creatures are the most unpredictable pets you can find. Ever curious and inquisitive, they have certain traits that just do not change, come what may. Loyalty is certainly not what they possess, anyway.

Whether it is the incredible feeling of their head rubbing against you when they want something, or when you feel they surreptitiously take pleasure in troubling you, cat lovers undergo numerous struggles. The paragraphs below enlist things only cat owners will understand.

Food troubles – not one, not two … innumerable.

These fluff balls love to eat. And eat. And eat some more. And if the bowl is slightly empty for you, it is completely empty for him. Out of the blue, he may hate his own food. Worse still, you will not be able to have a peaceful meal with him around. Whether he likes whatever is served or not, he will keep sniffing at your plate; eating in front of him is rather irritating. And yes, I am sure he must have got his head stuck in the food can at least once.

Photographs and cats? No way!
You desperately want your pet to pose for a pic, and he just isn’t up for it. You entice him with goodies, endearments, and everything else, yet the stubborn devil is not even remotely interested in getting a selfie clicked with you.

Carpets and papers and tissues – keep them off!

For peculiar, unknown reasons cats have a great affinity towards paper and clothes and rugs and carpets. He will chew every paper in the house, every book, tissue, rug, diaper (oh yeah!), napkin, and what not. This goes with plants too. If you are a garden enthusiast, you need to make a life-altering choice between your pet and plants, for you certainly cannot have a cat and indoor potted plants together. Chew and chew and chew, until they make a mess of the room and then stare at you like they just returned victorious from a war. Even though that look is drool-worthy, it’s quite a task to clean up the mess.

You can never get them to trust you.
Of course, you are trying to help him. But he will not understand that, even if you’ve had him for years. They are inherently built like that―even if you try to do something good, he thinks you are out to harm him. Whether it is taking him to the vet or feeding him something, or trying to take out a fish bone from his mouth, all you are met with are bites and scratches.

Is your pet biting you lovingly? Don’t be too sure, your finger may be attacked any time.

Of course, your kitty is just having some fun, nibbling at your hand lovingly. But make a move to rescue your finger again, and you’ve had it. Not just that, any time your kitty is in the mood, she’ll grab your hand or leg. Beware!

Door troubles – they want to leave with you. Then come back in. Every. Single. Time.
More often than not, she needs to follow you until the door and rush ahead to get out first. And once you are out, she wants to go back in. Immediately. This happens time and again, doesn’t it?

Whenever you need something, he’s sitting on it.

Whether it is your egg carton or your pile of laundry, or your research paper, or your laptop, cats have the habit of squatting down practically everywhere. You begin to do your homework, he’ll settle down on the book. You need to work on your laptop, he’ll use it as his personal bed.

When he gets in dead animals.
Grrrr!!!! Dead mice and pigeons and frogs and lizards and spiders! Your kitty considers them a precious gift and gives you a winning look. How on earth can you possibly explain to him what the repercussions can be?

If he has chosen to sleep on your lap, you cannot move
How can you deny him when he comes to you on his own, deprived of affectionate strokes? You can consider it to be the highest honor bestowed on you that he has chosen to sleep on your lap! And yeah, he will prefer that you do not move, so stay where you are. Or else your kitty may change his mood in an instant.

You loving your cat – and he giving dirty looks.
They hate it like hell―they really hate it. All the cuddling and smothering and kissing and hugging. And you still do it. Despite the fact that they will lose their cool and hit back at you. And you will do it yet again.

When he fights with a stupid object, it’s most amusing and dangerous to watch.

When he plays with your bracelet or a twig or a ball, or anything inanimate, all you want to do is cuddle him and kiss him. But try to do something like that and he’ll pounce on you. Leave your kitty alone with his new play toy.

They sleep in the most idiotic place, and you fear one day you will trip over them.
Though agile at times, cats are rather lazy when they need to be, and curl up anywhere―at the crook of the stairs, at the edge of the door, and in remote corners. And, your greatest fear is that you will trip over their tails or legs and end up hurting him as well as yourself. And the most exasperating thing is you cannot explain to your cat why he needs to refrain from sleeping at unlikely places.

His sarcastic look.
Sometimes, you may possibly get the feeling that he is hiding something, and that he has a secret to keep, and so is giving you a sarcastic look. Well, you can go on deciphering the options, because he is not going to tell you anything anyway. Though, his sarcastic look is worth watching out for.

Cuddling with cats – all over your face.
Yeah, of course, you love cuddling them, kissing them, and snuggling with them under the blanket. But do you think it happens as you imagine? Cat lovers will know this is not true, for your kitty does not sleep in one, simple, human posture. He needs to stretch and flip and wiggle and show off his super flexibility. Just when you think he has settled down, he will change his posture again. He’ll climb over you, on your face, in the crook of your knees, and everywhere he is comfortable.

You have to check all the cabinets and open spaces and especially the fridge.

These flexible felines have the habit of curling and sneaking into just about anywhere―kitchen cabinets, cupboards, crockery storage, refrigerator, anywhere. So beware if you leave anything open, especially the fridge. You can be sure he will sneak inside and have a feast. And you won’t even know it.

Potty time.
Of course, if you have trained your cat to pee and poop at the right place, great. But if not, it can a nuisance if they suddenly lift their legs or squat in an uncomfortable position in the bedroom or the living room or anywhere in the house. You are at your wit’s end, terrified that he’ll dirty the house, and you’ll have to clean up.

Packing for a trip – practically impossible.

Need to pack for a vacation? Send your cat outside the room. If you let him in, you can forget about packing. For reasons only they know, cats love cardboard boxes and suitcases and trunks―in short, anything that is open from the top and enclosed from the other sides. They find it so comfortable and cozy that before you realize, they will sneak inside and settle down.

Grooming the cat.
They know how to lick and clean themselves, yet you want to do your bit to spruce them up. And it can be one hell of a roller coaster ride. To get them to sit quietly at one place is a struggle in itself. Combing their fur is another task. And the worst of all is when you groom them, they get out and either roll in the mud or dust, or start licking themselves again, and all your effort goes down the drain.

Catching the cats red-handed.

Oh man! Those tough looks they give you when you catch them in embarrassing situations with their partner! Or when they lick their tails and tummies and butts! Or when they yawn and stretch! It’s absolutely amazing! The struggle comes later, when your pet is furious that you have interrupted him in his private time, and he bites and paws you all over, most unexpectedly.

Cats fearing noisy instruments.
You just cannot operate the food processor or the hair dryer or the washing machine or even the television at a higher volume, with your cat around. They hate excess noise and panic at the slightest change in the decibel level. If he keeps roaming in the house, you have to adjust and sacrifice your chores or whatever you are doing so that His Lordship does not suffer.

Troublesome as they can be, we all love them, don’t we? Adorable, silly, exasperating, fluffy balls of love―you cannot live with the mess they create, but you cannot live without them either!

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