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Spending time with one’s pet can certainly improve your mood, but there are times when the pet might behave strangely. For instance, pets may even attack or bite their owner. This often happens when they feel threatened. Biting is a form of defensive mechanism. It is a common behavioral problem in cats. Prior to biting, the cat may squint or appear tense. If one is ever bitten by a cat, one must take steps to prevent the wound from getting infected. Though the punctured wounds on the affected area might not seem to be very harmful at that time, the wound could become infected due to inadequate care.

Puncture Wounds

When the cat’s sharp and pointed teeth penetrate the skin, bacteria present in the cat’s mouth get deposited on the wounded area. Unlike a dog bite, where there may be bleeding due to tearing of skin, a cat’s sharp teeth usually cause puncture wounds. Since there isn’t much bleeding, you might take the incident casually. If a bite causes bleeding, it allows some of the infected saliva to move out of the wounded area; however, bacteria may get a chance to multiply in case of puncture wounds. So, such wounds are not harmless. In fact, these are more dangerous.

A person who is bitten by a cat might be at a risk of developing pasteurellosis or streptococcal/staphylococcal infections. If you experience symptoms such as fever, swelling, redness, or pus in the affected area, do consult a doctor soon. An infected bite in a joint could even lead to bone infections, therefore, you must take all precautions and visit a doctor soon.

How to Treat Such Wounds

If you were bitten by a cat, follow these precautionary measures to prevent the wound from getting infected. If there is a little bleeding, it might help the bacteria to get flushed out from the affected area, but you will have to control the bleeding to clean up the wound.

  • Place a gauze pad over the wound and apply a little pressure to control the bleeding.
  • Clean the wound with an antibacterial soap and warm water.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any remnants of the soap inside the wound.
  • Betadine solution can also be used to sterilize the wound.
  • You can also apply an antibiotic ointment and cover it with a clean bandage.

So, these were some steps which need to be followed in case of a cat bite. This will reduce the chances of an infection. Cat scratches could also be a cause of concern. It is very important that you seek medical attention to lower the risk of infections.

Stay away from a cat if it seems to be acting in a strange manner. If it’s too late, seek medical help to treat the wound and prevent it from getting infected.

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