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Cat Food

Fiber is an important nutrient for human beings, while the benefits of fiber-rich foods for cats are also quite evident. Many times, you must have noticed that fiber is the main and highly-rated ingredient in all kinds of pet food for both dogs as well as cats. Fiber is a nutrient that is made up of carbohydrates, especially insoluble carbohydrates. It resists the procedure of enzymatic digestion in the small intestine.

Though there are many sources of fiber for human beings, when it comes to cats, it is mainly derived from cell walls of plants and grains. Some of its best sources are hulls of corn, rice, peanuts, soy, barley, green beans, beet pulp, etc. There is a potential need of high-fiber content in cat food for every pet cat as it has numerous benefits as far as the animal’s health is concerned.

Benefits of this Cat Food

People were not aware of the benefits of this food until very recently. This food is nowhere related to an energy booster for cats. However, it is very helpful for maintaining their colon and digestive health. Fermentation of fiber results into essential fatty acids, which is done with the help of the beneficial bacteria present in the intestines. As you know, fatty acids reduce the risk of growth of the harmful bacteria in the body and as a result of all this, the health of the cat is maintained to a great extent. Hence, it is said that this type of food is a great laxative for cats and is also beneficial for their overall good health.

Obesity is also a major issue that many cat owners have to deal with. Heavy cats get themselves intotrouble from time to time, which also makes them prone to physical injuries and several obesity-related health problems. Low-fat high-fiber food is very essential as far as weight management of the cats is concerned. This food makes the animal feel full for a longer period of time and shows maximum results as a healthy way of weight loss as well.

Just like humans, diabetes mellitus is one of the life-threatening diseases that affects cats as well. As a pet owner, one must also know that controlling diabetes in cats is very difficult as well as time-consuming for both you and your pet. Researches show that food that is high in fiber helps in managing and controlling diabetes in cats by maintaining blood sugar levels and blood glucose levels. Hence, there is a standard norm to provide the affected cat with food that is high in fiber and protein.

As stated earlier, cats have no source of fiber other than the hulls of several grains. Hence, it is very important to combine a sufficient amount of high-fiber foods with daily homemade cat food that you prepare for your cat. There are also many packaged foods available that you can try and feed your pet. The only precaution one needs to take is to avoid a sudden change in the regular diet of the cat. Also, introducing it to a higher portion of foods suddenly can cause several digestive problems.

It is very necessary to consult a veterinary doctor before making any potential dietary changes in your cat’s daily diet. He/she will guide you properly in the maintenance of your cat’s health and well-being.

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