/ ‘kaSH∂s /

Adjective: from cautious

(a cat) in stalking mode, quiet and sneaky, getting as close as it can without being noticed.

cat Care

It is often said that ‘a cat looks after itself’, and everybody knows that cats require less care than dogs. Cats do have a more independent nature than some other domesticated pets, while still being ideal companions when they ‘allow’ you to be their friend. However, cats still do require some attention, so you’ll need some commitment in place to make sure your friend is looked after.

cat Behavior

Lazing around, walking along with effortless ease, licking its paws, purring about when sleepy or needs to be petted, guarding its territory with zeal… This is the behavior I’d expect from a cat. However, there might be sudden changes in its ways that you can’t really fathom or recognize in your cat. To understand it, read the most common reasons for change and what to expect.

Cat products

From cat beds to toys, from collars to automatic litter boxes. Consider some of these products to enhance your cat’s life… and yours too! A happy cat means a happy owner, and there are some gadget out there that can make your life easier. They can even help cats develop their hunting skills and improve their behavior.  

Infections from Cat Bites

Caution!  If your cat's tail starts thrashing, her mood has changed. Time to distance yourself from her. A cat bites one in every 170 people in the US each year. Cat bites can lead to infectious diseases; the most common ones being bacterial infections. Mostly, the...

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Hi, I'm Jess and this is Nala.

I've loved cats since I was a child and over the years I became obsessed with them. I love all animals and pets, but I have studied cats with special passion. I’ve spent most of my life trying to understand them and why they are the best companions, if they ‘allow’ you to be their friend.

I put this blog together with the aim of sharing things about cats that interest me and that can help you to understand your own…

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something to interest you along the way.


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