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Cats and dogs alike, are the kind of animals that need something to constantly keep them preoccupied or fascinated with. People around the world have built interesting structures for their pets to explore – where their pets gradually turn these into their favorite area of play. We explore the different kinds of cat furniture ideas that you can integrate into your home, with oodles of ideas that you will dig up here.
How to Build Your Own Cat Furniture
There are many ways that one can build cat furniture on their own, all you need is the right materials to put them together.
Orange cat shelves
Cat Shelves: You can fix shelves into the wall, to give it a step-like look, where your cat can jump from one shelf surface to the next. It’s a great way of experimenting with open wall space that you’ve ignored.
Scratch post for cat
Scratch Planks: If you’ve got a set of old wooden planks that you don’t require anymore, you can shave the surfaces to a not so polished surface, but slightly rough. This can give your cat a nice area to scratch on – just remember to avoid leaving stray splinters jutting out from the wood. It can prove to be harmful if the cat tries to scrape his/her teeth on it or swallows it accidentally.
Trees for cat
Cat Trees: This can be made by using a couple of old drum barrels/old beer kegs/cardboard rolls – you can build interesting structures using your imagination and coming up with something innovative. Cats like heights, so experiment with placing the barrels or cardboard rolls in weird angles and hold them together using maybe an old ladder, shelf or cabinet. If you need someone’s help, you can always call a carpenter to put these together for you. No sweat.
Bed for cat
Cat Beds: Got an old beanbag? Empty out some of the beans from the beanbag, and convert it into a comfy cat bed. All you have to do is give it a flatter appearance, and maybe try to stitch on some fabric to give it a nice look. Cats like to curl up on something soft and fluffy, so make sure it isn’t leather based or anything that has a slippery finish. You can also stuff some thermocol shapes in it, to make the cat more comfortable on a slightly firmer yet cozy bean bag.
Cat Furniture Ideas
Wooden cat house
There are a lot of free cat furniture plans available to help you out with your ideas to make your home more feline friendly. You can also look for more ways on cat furniture. Scroll through the following companies and their massive range in cat furniture building plans and have fun choosing what your little furry friend will love.
You can select from a wide range of cat furniture ideas, like cat trees for instance, which come in tier based designs that your cat can prop him/herself up on. It gives them a good chance to climb their way up to the top, and settle themselves on a nice cozy spot. Is your cat getting a little pudgy? Cat gyms are also available in interesting structures to keep your cat’s curiosity going. It gives them a reason to stay active and explore the whole structure from bottom to top and vice versa. They feature cat condos too, if you want your cat to have a nice little home all to itself. They come in all shapes and sizes with little door openings that the cat can enter through. Cat litters are merged into these mini condos as well. Other items that the company provides are scratching posts, pet steps and ramps, window perches, electronic litter boxes and more. If you’d like to get cat accessories as well, there are pet collars, feeding and home gadgets, toys, and gifts as well.
If you feel like cramping in cat condos or other furniture-type pieces for cats will look too out-of-place and mess up your home decor, you can work around that. Here furniture pieces come in designer litter boxes, modern and chic cat trees that look at one with your home, rather than standing out awkwardly. Other pieces include cat scratching posts, pet beds, litter cabinets with an area to keep cat food, and more. You can also get scratch resistant wood to cancel out the headache of replacing damaged cat furniture. Shipping is also available here for those who of you who are a little out-of-the-way.
A trusted website that has no hidden sales tax or hidden fees, CozyCatFurniture offers a no-nonsense platform of providing the best in cat furniture for customers worldwide. With designs that are comfy, cat-friendly and unique, these guys know what they are talking about. Pamper that little feline of yours by going through the website’s mountain of suggestive cat furniture ideas that you may just adore. There are a number of articles available on pets that you can read about, should you have any queries or needs.
These guys provide a modern selection of pet furniture pieces that only come from those who want pets worldwide to live in style and comfort. It is the ultimate pet haven for any furry friend – this company features pieces on different collections that are modern and upscale. You can shop by price as well, to stay within a certain budget you planned on. There are also pieces that are handcrafted and custom-made, eco-friendly in nature, on sale, popular among buyers and more.
These furniture plans will allow you to give your pet a home within your home, by placing furniture of all kinds that they can purr in pleasure when they see. Make sure that none of the furniture is in anyone’s way, and that it is in a place where kids tend to not use as a play spot. Corners of the house work best, or in verandas or porches. Cats sometimes get a little too comfortable on furniture not meant for them, tearing cushions and fabric apart. I hope that with the new cat furniture, your stuff is safe from damage.
“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” – Anonymous

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