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Russian Blue cat traits
‘Look before you leap’ is the mantra for the Russian Blue cat. When you bring home a Russian Blue kitten, it will run towards safety of some furniture and observe the happenings around it. You need to build a bond at this point, by dangling a shoe lace or something of the cat’s interest. The kitten will slowly come closer unable to control its curiosity. Once you develop a bond and win the trust of your Russian Blue cat, it will respond to you. Let us go through some information about the Russian Blue cat’s personality. It will tell you more about this genteel feline.

æ Personality of a Russian Blue Cat æ
The Russian Blue cat can be called a ‘true cat’. You will find this cat to be lively, playful, cautious, and intelligent. When you bring a Russian Blue cat into your family, it will get very attached to the family. It tends to be attached specifically to one or two family members. Once the cat selects you as a friend, you need to be ready to give lots of attention and care to it.

The Russian Blue cat does not show much attention to other people, as long as its needs of love and care are fulfilled by the family. When there are strangers (guests) in the house, the Russian Blue cat tends to become reserved and stay out of sight. However, the curiousness of these cats takes over their shyness and they come out to befriend the guests. A few chosen ones may even get a chance to stroke its soft fur. Russian Blue cats have a good memory, so the next time the same guest visits, he will be accepted by the cat.

Russian Blue Cat Relaxing

The Russian Blue cats are rather quiet. They are affectionate, gentle, and sweet-tempered. They will delight you with their clownish antics. They are very clever and will soon find a way to open your cupboards. The Russian Blue cat’s personality is very demure, quiet, and undemanding. If you are sad, be ready to get a pat on your face from your Russian Blue in its attempt to cheer you up.

These cats cannot cope well with a change in routine, so keep changes to a minimum. They are very sensitive and can be easily discouraged from an undesirable behavior with just a simple ‘no’. They are self-sufficient cats and can spend time alone without getting depressed. They learn to entertain themselves and are usually active. The Russian Blue cats do not easily forget and forgive and therefore, one should not treat them badly.

The Russian Blue will follow its owner around and will perch itself on its owner’s shoulder and shower him or her with forehead kisses. The personality of Russian Blue cats is rather intuitive and they seem to be aware of the fact that a young child has no intention of hurting them. When they are handled roughly by children, they tend to run and hide instead of striking back. However, you should teach a child to respect the cat. Russian Blue cats get along with dogs and other cats in the house as well.

The Russian Blue cat’s personality is rarely unpredictable or aggressive. You can trust the Russian Blue cat totally and it will rarely let you down. Though the personality of every cat may differ, basically Russian Blues are gentle, caring, loving, and affectionate. However, they won’t rub against everybody and anybody’s leg. The Russian Blue cat becomes yours and only yours and thereafter remains a wonderful companion 24×7.

æ Appearance of the Breed æ
The Russian Blue cat breeds have a distinctive plush double coat that is dense and fine. This coat is as silky as the fur of a seal. The coat is so soft that it tends to hold an imprint of your fingers when you run them through it. The Russian Blue cat has a bright blue color with silver-tipped guard hair that give it a silver sheen. It has vivid emerald-green eyes and a mauve or lavender-pink nose leather. Their green eyes are very expressive. They have an almond shape and it is the first thing you will notice. Its paw pads are also lavender-pink in color. It has prominent whisker pads that make them look as if they are smiling. A Russian Blue cat has large ears and a muscled lean body that is lithe, slender, and graceful. It is a robust cat that is very easy to look after. It has long legs and small paws compared to other cat breeds.

The Russian Blue cats shed very little when they are given a well-balanced diet. However, they tend to shed more in spring and fall, as during this time they change their seasonal coats. Although, they seem silvery gray, they are called ‘blue’ as the coat sparkles with a blue or silver-blue tone.

æ History of the Breed æ
The Russian Blue cat originated in the northerly regions of Russia and Scandinavia. There are various names for this breed like the Foreign Blue, Maltese, Spanish Blue, and Archangel Cat. The history behind the origins of the Russian Blue cat breed is a bit dodgy. However, many believe that it may have originated in northern Russia’s Archangel Isles.

There is one story that says, it was brought to Europe by sailors of Northern Russia in the 1800s. Some say, the Russian Blues are the descendants of cats that were owned by the Russian Czars. They were brought to America in the early 1900s.

æ Quick Facts æ
Paw PrintHeight: Around 10 inches
Paw Print Weight: Around 12 pounds
Paw Print Size: Medium
Paw Print Coat hair: Short hair
Paw Print Coat color: Blue with silver tipping
Russian Blue Cat Looking at Milk

Paw Print Easy Identifiable Traits:

  • Plush blue coat color
  • Silver tipped guard hair
  • Vivid green eyes
  • Gentle demeanor
  • Naughty, playful nature
  • Shy around strangers

Paw Print Ideal Pet Cat For:

  • First-time cat owners
  • Families
  • Working people or singles

Paw Print Advantages of Getting Home a Russian Blue:

  • They are intelligent cats who are very loyal to their owner.
  • They are good pets for older kids and they live amicably with other pets too.
  • These cats are playful, but do not cause a mess in the house.
  • Russian Blues require little grooming.

Paw Print Challenges of Bringing Home a Russian Blue:

  • The Russian Blue is a shy, reserved cat and thus does not appreciate chaos or a loud environment.
  • They tend to become temperamental or fearful when neglected or under stress.
  • They do not adjust well to change and they prefer to follow a set routine.
  • These cats are prone to gaining excess weight.

The Russian Blues are great friends for life, who will amuse you with their antics. They are smart cats and the most loving companions. They will enjoy family activities and stay attached to one person in the family. They have an average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years and are a hardy lot. I hope this article on the personality of Russian Blue cats encourages you to bring home this magnificent and royal blue feline into your family.

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