The Joy Of Having A Cat As A Pet

Cat Basics

In this article, I write about the pleasures of having a cat as a pet. It took quite a long time for my wife to persuade me into letting her have a cat, but we now have three. I would certainly recommend other people to give a cat a home as they are no trouble at all and add lots of value and love to the household.

Looking back I am not really sure why I was so against having a cat as a pet. It was not for the financial reasons of buying the cat food as it is not exactly expensive. I suppose I thought that they would ruin some of the furniture or may even pooh and wee on the floor. This has not been the case and thinking about it, I was being rather stupid, as you no doubt agree.

This is the daily schedule of our three cats. They wake up in the dining room which is now basically the cats room. They are then fed and eat their breakfast. In this dining or cats room, we have put litter trays down for them, but it is very rare that they use them. The cats then go out of the house for a while and a little bit later can usually be seen sunbathing in the garden, that is if the weather is good of course.

At around twelve midday the cats then come in for some lunch, yet more cat food. I often wonder how they do not get bored eating the same type of food, day in, day out. They will then sleep somewhere around the house for the next few hours before asking to be let out to do their business.

At around 5pm they have some more food and then decide to become a little more sociable. They would then normally join the family in the main living room and curl up to sleep some more, normally on somebodys lap. Each cat is quite funny as they seem to have a favourite member of the family whose lap they would prefer to sit and sleep on. My two children really love our cats especially during the evenings.

The three cats will then wonder out again at around 10pm before asking to come back in around an hour later.

What a life this is, if I am able to come back to this planet after I die, I would like to come back as a cat please.

The cats have really been no trouble at all and we are planning to let both of our children have their very own cat to look after, for Christmas.

For the record if any of you are interested out there, our current cats are called, Tom, Ben and Pip. They all get on really well together and very rarely fight.

Maybe I am just lucky but when talking about the subject of cats with my family and friends, they all tell similar stories to mine.

Our family now also owns a dog. Her name is Cassie and even though she requires a lot more attention as in the way of walks, she has also been a dream. In my opinion however you can not beat the cats and their lifestyle.

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I put this blog together with the aim of sharing things about cats that interest me and that can help you to understand your own…

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