The Sound of Mewsic: Know Why Your Cat is Meowing Constantly

Cat Behavior

Has your cat started meowing more than usual lately, and behaving differently? The following article will help you understand the reasons behind this behavior.
Cats have a wide vocal range. They can make over 100 different sounds! In spite of possessing this impressive repertoire of vocalizations, they rarely ‘talk’ to other cats, and rely much on body language when interacting with humans.

When body language fails to get the attention of humans, cats will turn to meowing to let their discomfort/distress known to us. And once they figure out that we respond to their meows better than we respond to their body language, watch out! They will use it like ammunition to get what they want! They will meow to make us open the door, to remind us that it’s time to feed them, to simply get some heavy petting, to get your undivided attention, to tell us something is wrong with them, to draw attention to health problems, etc. Let us examine the reasons why your cat will meow like his/her sole aim in life is to drive you insane.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Meowing Constantly
 He/She is Missing You and Wants Attention

If you have just come home after a long day at work and you find the cat meowing and running around you, it means that the cat is just glad to see you home and wants you to pet, stroke, talk, and play with him/her.

 He/She Wants to Go Outdoors

The constant meowing maybe because he/she wants to be let out. The cat must have learned that meowing loudly worked the last time he/she wanted to go out. Cats are smart and pick up on their owners’ weaknesses. They know that constant meowing will take you to the end of your sanity and the only way to get your peace back is by letting them out. Hence, they will continue to meow till you relent.

 She is in Heat and He Wants to Mate

It is seen that female cats in heat meow constantly to let males in their vicinity know of their willingness to mate. Male cats who are sexually mature and who can smell a female in heat will meow constantly so that they are let out to mate with the females on estrus. Thus, it is better to get them neutered or spayed, if this sort of behavior is to be avoided.

 He/She Is Trying to Acclimatize/Adjust

When you bring home a new cat, he/she needs some time to get used to the new environment and wants to get some attention and reassurance. Cats are intelligent and they understand that constant meowing will get them what they want. Also, since cats are predators by instinct, whose ancestors and feral cousins are mostly active at night, they may want to be let out so that they can roam the neighborhood and hunt the occasional mouse or rat, before checking in again by dawn.

 He/She is Seeking Attention to His/Her Health

Meowing constantly is the only way a cat can let the owner know he/she is not well. The cat maybe feeling sick or may be injured. You should watch out for cat illnesses signs and take the cat to a vet to make sure all is well with your kitty.

 He/She is Grieving or Trying to Communicate

Cats are highly sensitive creatures and can pick up on feelings of fear, grief, compassion, content or even jealously. Some cats may grieve the loss of the owner or miss someone in the family they were close to and meow constantly. Some cats may befriend other cats in the neighborhood and bring them over to the house for a little munch. Or a cat may be jealous of other cats or kids in the house and hate to share their owner, food bowl or even toys. You need to understand what emotions your cat is going through.

How to Stop Your Cat From Meowing Constantly

➜ First thing to be done when your cat starts meowing more than usual is to take him/her to the vet to rule out any health concerns. If the reason for the excessive meowing is related to health, then once the cat is healthy again, he/she will stop the unnecessary meowing.

➜ When you find your cat meowing without showing any sign of physical discomfort, just ignore him/her for sometime. Once they realize that continuously throwing tantrums is not getting them attention, they will become silent.

➜ If your cat is meowing constantly to be let outside, try installing a cat flap so that he/she can go out without having to meow at you. But if there is no cat flap, do not let your cat out every time he/she meows.

➜ You should bring home cat toys and find ways to keep your cat busy. A busy cat will meow less and thus help solve your problem.

➜ Make sure you shower your cat with attention. Cats who do not receive attention may meow constantly to get your attention. If you leave your cat alone at home during the day, spend some quality play time after you return from work. Make sure that your cat is not feeling neglected. A bored cat that has nothing to do will meow constantly.

➜ You need to stop giving it attention/food whenever it begins to meow constantly. You should give the cat what he/she needs only after it becomes quiet. When you find your cat is quiet, give him/her a treat that will prove to be a reward for good behavior. On the other hand, you could try leaving the room every time the meowing starts, to teach your cat that meowing means you will ignore him/her and leave him/her alone.

➜ Never shout, yell or get angry when you hear the constant meowing. This will only make the cat meow constantly, since he/she is getting the attention that he/she wants.

Once cats get used to getting their way, they will keep meowing all the time. They are smart, these creatures! The smart thing to do on your part is to become an attentive owner and learn to understand which ‘meows’ are to be ignored!

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