These Calico Cat Personality Traits Will Not Fail to Enchant You

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Calico cat trait
” In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” ~ Terry Pratchett
People who don’t like cats often complain that the cat is a snooty creature with a tremendous superiority complex – as for me, I like being around my superiors! Calico is the term given to cats sporting mottled coats. This kind of coloring is usually found in females and male Calicos are pretty rare. Calico cats’ personality is a pretty interesting domain of feline behavioral study and the adorable personality of calico cats never fail to enchant anyone. Even if you don’t like cats, a few hours in the company of a calico cat is sure to melt your cynical sides!
Calico Cat Personality Traits
Besides typical catty characteristics, there are some very interesting quirks about calico cat behavior. Find out all about calico cat temperament before you bring that adorable mottled kitten home!
stubborn and temperamental
Calico cats are quite independent in nature, a bit stubborn and pretty temperamental – a cat person won’t be surprised by these personality traits of calico cats as these are common to all cats!
fun to be with
Calico cats may take some time to adjust to its new surrounding initially but once they get comfortable in their new home, they are extremely loving and fun being around.
no less than a baby
Calicos like being pampered and treated with utmost regard – they like to be cared for like newborns. Indeed, it’s not for nothing that they are considered the heads among domestic felines!
calicos need love
Calicos are often quite fussy but once they find out that they are being loved and cared for, they are the most harmless and beautifully vocal pets you can have around yourself!
calicos also love their owners
Like all other cats, Calico cats follow their own moods but that does not mean that they don’t love their owners! They may display a lot of affection by rubbing against your feet and jumping upon your lap purring softly, as if approving of your conduct towards them!
Calico Cat Facts
The following facts about calico cats are sure to blow your mind and intrigue you further! Read on and marvel at these amazing creatures!
What are the two main peculiarities of calico cats? Their color and their gender. The genetic quirk that gives calico cats their unique coloring is related to the X chromosomes. For those who are not aware, female offspring result when each parent contributes an X chromosome (XX) whereas males develop when the mother contributes the X chromosome and the father contributes the Y chromosome (XY). In calicoes, the genetic information for growing black fur is carried by one X chromosome and the genetic information for growing orange fur is carried by another X chromosomes. Y chromosomes have no role to play in a calico’s coloring! Since males have only one X chromosome, we rarely find male calico cats. Male calicos are extremely rare and usually have genetic abnormalities (like an XXY chromosome pattern). They are mostly sterile and may suffer from other health problems as well. Since females involve 2 X chromosomes, calico-hood is an almost-exclusive domain of the feline ladies!
it's all in the color
Calicos are not a particular species. A cat may belong to any cat breed and be called calico if it shows the distinct colorings attributed to this term! There are no separate calico cat breeds, so to say.
official state cat of maryland
Calico cats were nominated as the official state cats of Maryland on 1st October, 2001!
money cats
Calico cats are considered as bringers of good luck in many cultures. In the United States, these cats are also known as money cats.
maneki neko
Maneki Neko, a popular good luck ceramic sculpture form in Japan, is almost always fashioned after calico cats!
A calico cat, Tama, is the station master and operating officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Her primary duties include greeting passengers and she holds the recognition of being the “only female in a managerial position” in the railway company! The position comes with a station-master’s headgear and she draws salary in the form of free cat food! She also has two feline assistants working under her and runs her operations from her personal office – a converted ticket booth fully furnished with a litter box! Hmm…quite befitting the personality of calico cats that hold human offices!
Continuing with the last point, one of Tama’s two feline assistants seem to have run away (absconding from office would be more appropriate, right?). The remaining assistant, Chibi, continues as Tama’s faithful assistant till date! That was quite an amazing journey into calico cats personality and facts! If you’re planning on getting one for yourself, make sure that you pay the right price – calicos come pretty cheap and you should know you are being conned if an exorbitant price is quoted. The fact remains that their color has nothing to do with breed! This color can happen to any cat of any breed! So why pay more than what is expected of a regular cat of that breed? Be it Mysti, Butch or Kimball, you can give your adorable feline any number of unique calico cat names! Get yourself a calico and experience the adventure of feline parenting! If nothing else, the experience of cat care will teach you patience, attention to details and will show you your rightful place with regards to your cat depending upon how well you care for it! On a parting meow, err, note, I would like to quote Robert Byrne ~ To err is human, to purr feline.

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