Tips on How to Get Rid of Cats Without Causing Them Any Harm

Cat Behavior

In many states, it is a crime to kill animals that are pets and/or strays.
➨ The Need to Get Rid of Cats

destruction caused by cat

A cat ruining the decoration
Unlike dogs, cats are less frequently seen as stray animals. They usually come out from their hiding places during the dark hours or when there is complete silence in their vicinity. One of the most adorable pets, cats can be a cause of worry if they regularly destroy the plants in your garden, break the pots, or damage the saplings. Some felines can very deftly find a way into the house and spoil the bed or sofas by their pee.
✒ Methods to Get Rid of Cats
☞ Generally, pet cats do not show very aggressive behavior. In case you are encountering one that is aggressive, then it is highly probable that you are dealing with a stray. Stray cats remain hidden in their own secure place, where they breed. Many people who have experienced problems with stray cats prefer to shoot them. However, it is illegal and anybody doing so can end up in prison.
☞ You need to identify the cat that is causing the problem. In case it is someone else’s pet, you can resort to legal ways to get rid of the animal. You can complain to the animal control officer of your city if the pet owner is not listening to your requests. In case of continuous problems, the animal control officer will register a legal complaint against the owner.
handing over to animal care center
☞ If a stray cat is causing problem, then you will have no legal powers whatsoever. Even then, you cannot kill it. Instead, you can catch it and send it to an animal care center. However, you will need to trap it in a cage (without harming it) so as to effectively transport it to the care center or a non-governmental organization.
planting cat repelling plants
☞ For people whose gardens are at risk, cat-repelling plants work well. Some plants like ‘Scaredy Cat’ have a typical smell that repels a cat from entering the vicinity of your house. The smell is undesirable for any feline even if smelled from a distance. Another option is to plant wild roses and bramble bushes. However, remember that some plants are poisonous to cats and can harm them.
trapping a cat
☞ To trap a cat, you need to be ready with a cage at the right time and place. You can lure it by using some eatables or milk, and catch it easily. Some people also adopt methods like ultrasonic sounds, cat repellent sprays, and motion sensing sprinkler systems. Though these methods work, they are not the permanent solution to your problem.
Microchipping a pet cat is a very good option for every cat owner so that one can keep a track of its whereabouts. In some cases, if the cat is less than 8-9 months old, then there are chances that it can be socialized with some other cats in your area.

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