Try These 8 Cool Ideas to Build Wall Shelves for Cats Right Meow

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Line the surface of the shelf with recycled cardboard so that it can double up as a scratching board for your kitty.
I’ve never really understood the adage, “crazy cat lady”. On the contrary, it would seem a tad crazy to bypass an opportunity to keep a cat as a pet. You see, these animals are low-maintenance, too gorgeous for words, provide solid and dignified company, and their antics are amusing to no end.

If it sounds like the ramblings of a crazy cat lady, I’m flattered to bits. But speaking of crazy, we’ve brought you some awesome ideas for homemade cat wall shelves. Why homemade, you ask? Because the store-bought ones can be frightfully expensive, and let’s face it, there’s the possibility of your cat completely hating it. Our versions are fun to make, and you can actually get your cat’s approval as you progress.

Never was there a bigger win-win, if you’d ask me. Not to mention, these cat perches are sure to take the look of your home several notches higher.

Plank Shelf
Cat plank shelf
Simplicity unbound! These shelves are so easy to install all by yourself. Just collect a few planks, and ensure that they are wide enough for your cat to comfortably perch on. Affix them on to your wall either the way we’ve pictured them here, or in any other way you like. You can even paint them in neon shades to brighten up a dull room.
Tree Shelf
Cat tree shelf
Quirky is what describes this best―a virtual cat tree with perches on either side makes for some really cool-looking décor, not to mention the added advantage of it being a cat shelf as well. Get creative and paint your imagination!
Box Shelf
Box shelf for cats
Cube shelves are all over the place, and we can’t get enough of them. These can be fixed easily onto any wall, and yes, you can even place a few things in them to use them as “real” shelves. Just make sure that those are things that will stay intact when your cat wishes to knock them down.
Hexagonal Shelf
A slight twist to the conventional box cube shelves, these hexagons are nice to look at, and they can be affixed in any pattern on your wall.
Rectangle Cube Shelf
Rectangle cube shelf for a cat
With these shelves, you can even attach a few of your kitty’s favorite dangly toys, or even good ol’ ribbons will do. Your cat will spend blissful hours batting her paws at these.
Wave Shelf
Wave shelf for cats
Wave shelves can be a little tough to create at home from scratch, but they’re worth the effort if you’re interested in making them. You can place a cushion on these, and make it into a napping place for your fur ball.
Cube Shelf
Cube shelves, as we mentioned before, are quite popular. In this instance, you’ll find books being placed within them, which makes for good storage and visual appeal. Lest your cat wants to knock those to the ground and sleep in the space.
Step Shelf
Cat steps
Who said your cats have to take the same stairs as you do? Felines are a notch above us humans, and they rightly deserve to walk above us. Utilize the wall next to your staircase to create this fabulous cat shelf.

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