Why Do People Love Cat Videos So Much? Psychology May Be at Work!

Cat Basics

Cat videos have become quite a rage these days, and we end up spending hours going ‘aww’ over these little balls of fur. Be it their cuteness or their idiotic and hilarious actions, cats are winning over even dogs when it comes to the Internet.
Famous Cats on Internet
► Maru, the Japanese cat who can fit in any box.
► Snoopy Cat, the fashionable cat.
► Nala, the surprised cat.
► Colonel Meow, the serious cat.
Cats have been famous for their crazy antics – they’ll break your things, spoil and scratch your carpet and curtains, end up sleeping in your shoe; yet we’ll love them for what they are. Their constant purring keeps our house lively. Having a sad day? Go home after a tiring day, and one innocent look from your cat is going to melt your heart away. The trend these days shows that the Internet is abuzz with a lot of cat videos. Indeed, why are cats so funny and heart-breakingly cute?
Evidently, there is an epic war of cat-owners and dog-owners, regarding which is the better pet. Dogs are man’s best friend in real life, but it seems cats are man’s best friend on the Internet. Dogs are trained, and they will obediently carry out all your instructions. On the other hand, cats won’t care much (unless they’re hungry), and it does not matter to them who observes them and what others think of them. Rather, they must be thinking that humans are morons, wasting their time going to offices, and going behind stupid things. Undeniably, cat videos and pictures have the highest number of page clicks than other funny animals. Sorry dog owners, the cats win here.
Why Do We Love Cat Videos
You leave the cat alone, and still it will entertain itself. It does not need anyone to be nearby or tell it what to do. If you observe them, they have a whole universe around themselves, and won’t feel intimidated by anything. Consequently, today, there are many people who are looking for cat videos and funny pictures on the Internet. Let’s explore the reasons why we love to watch cats so much.
Carefree Nature
White Cat with Gold Color
Cats cannot bothered by anything on this Earth. If they don’t want to move, they won’t. Your lap might be the most warmest place around for them. Give them a ball of wool, an old cardboard box, or simply a crumbled paper. They can entertain themselves. And when they are not entertaining or eating, they’re simply sleeping.
Reserved Nature
Cat Walking in Gargen
You leave a cat alone and it will play all by itself, not caring about its observers. Yes, I wish I could do whatever I wanted to do, and no one judged me for being crazy, and instead called me cute.
Paws, Meeows, Purrs, and Fur
Cat Sitting on Cloths
First of all, the look of cats is quite endearing to us due to certain physical attributes of theirs. For example, big eyes and a small nose adds to the cuteness factor. Aren’t we attracted to a baby for the same reason?
One purr of theirs induces us to leave our jobs and come running to be at their disposal. Cats can rule over our minds, truly.
When they look in the mirror, they get confused, and appear stupid. That stupidness makes them look more attractive. They remain oblivious that there might be people watching or commenting on them.
Curious Meeeows, and a Unique Style
Cat Looking Angry
Cats are explorers. They love to venture and discover things, and are naturally curious animals. Well obviously, it does sometimes end up being a disaster, since they end up putting themselves in dangerous situations.
There are more cat owners than dog owners. Plus, dogs tend to be man’s friend, and they can be trained to obey us. But cats will be masters of themselves. They won’t give you a damn unless they’re really hungry. Once they’re done, you’re not supposed to poke into their business. They like their own privacy, and have a non-forgiving nature. Every cat has its own self-developed style.
Reduces Stress Levels
Cat taking Rest
Studies show that spending time with a cat can help reduce stress levels and calm the nerves. Cat owners obviously want to show with pride their feline love, hence, they choose the Internet. And there are many non-owners who would at least want to have fun time watching a cat video, if they’re not lucky to have one themselves.
The Internet Cat Video Festival was started by ‘The Walker Art Center’ in 2012. The festival conducts competitions on cat festivals, and invites fans to come and watch cat videos together. Though they started it as an experiment, a whopping number of more than 10,000 people booked tickets for the show. Since then, the festival has been conducted every year. They expect even more success in the 2015 festival.

Thus, our love for cats can be attributed to our psychology, that not only is attracted to their physical characteristics, but also because they help us reduce our stress.

It’s true folks, cats are ruling the Internet. And they’re winning over dogs too. Perhaps the Egyptians were right about cats. “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – This quote by Terry Pratchett, completely holds true.

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